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Post  Kho on Sat Nov 08, 2008 6:35 am

Gm rules:

-Gms are not allowed to use the code "ATTR"( Or BAN)

-Gms have to respect players and dont call them "noobs" or other(or loose they gm and char)

-Gms cant learn skills from other classes if the admin dont give permission( loose gm and char)

-Gms are not allowed to summon monsters.( ban + loose gm + loose char + hacked and ip changed LOL)

-Gms can make events always ask the admin first to he can tell you "Yes you can"(loose gm )

-Gms cant make items to theirselves or be strong.( BAN)

-Gms cant give money aways or items.(BAN)

-Gms can sell items and buy for kals and a good amount of money(nothing.. )

-Gms can trade items for kals or kals for items.(nothing)

-Gms canT help friends lvling them giving good items for MONEY.(BAN +gm acess gone + loose character + ur friend get banned)

Well if any gm break this rule u have to see wich rule u broke and see what u will get

Gm Trade:

[b][color=darkblue]This is kals exchanges:

5 Kals or 20m = Language Barrier Items

30 Fascia Fish bone 4938

30 Thick Fish Bone 4957

30 Rotten Fish Bone 4976

10 Shining Sea Jelly Skin 4974

99 May Day Card = 5 Kals

1 Kal = 10 Mask of mummy king

1 Kal = 1 Million Gold

500 Kals or 100m = Chest of magenta

Black Dragon Set:

Normal 800 Kals / 250 each or 500m

Kylin Set :

+100 1000 Kals or 700m

+110 1200 Kals / 520 each or 750m

+120 1500 Kals / 550 each or 800m

1,000 Kals = Crown or Death Weapons or 900m

2,500 Kals = Chest of Death Set or 950m

5,000 Kals = Grandiose set / 2,500 each or 1 billion

2,500 Kals = Unseal set lvl 85 / 1,500 each or 2 billion

Dw Chest Exchange :

Dw1 Boss Chest = Unseal lvl 55 set

Dw2 Boss chest = Unseal lvl 65 set

1 Piece of chest DW1 and DW2 = Magenta Chest lvl 70

10 Pieces of Each Chest = Death set lvl 75

25 Pieces of each chest = black dragon set

30 Pieces of each chest = Rightfull Bd set

50 Pieces of each chest = Kylin set

100 Pieces of each chest = Lvl 85 unseal

200 pieces of each chest = grandiose set


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